About us

Temple Canteen – since 1993..

With the grace and blessings of Shri Maha Vallabha Ganapati, the Temple canteen was started in 1993 – mainly to prepare “naivedyam” (food offering) to the deities in accordance with agama sastras.

The authentic South Indian food at the canteen was a great appeal to devotees as well, who enjoyed the tradional flavor and taste of idli, dosa, pongal, upma, sambar, chutney, etc., Thanks to the encouragement of devotees, the canteen grew rapidly and moved in 1998 to the current, spacious location in the community center.

The canteen now plays an important role, not only to prepare naivedyam for the temple, but also to provide delicious, pure vegetarian food with all natural flavors and spices to devotees. Over a hundred Indian vegetarian food items and snacks are now available at the canteen throughout the year. The canteen also caters to events, weddings and functions in the community center and other locations in tri-state area.

Besides the overwhelming appreciation of thousands of customers,
the canteen has been repeatedly applauded by Zagat, New York times, Daily News and other media, for the quality of food, cheerful service and plesant ambience. The canteen has also been featured in Travel TV Channel many times by the TV star Anthony Bourdain.

Yes, the canteen is now a favorite place in New York for devotees and their families, Indian food lovers and event organizers.

Come and enjoy the most delicious Indian vegetarian delicacies with your family and friends at the canteen.